WP7 DotW: May 16th, 2012

By Suyomizzle, 6 years ago
A popular take on a Missile Command style game is this week's Windows Phone 7 deal. Considering I bought this game at full price and had a lot of fun with it, I'd say this is a deal people should seize.

BulletAsylum (WP) - $2.99 / £2.29 $1.99 / £1.49

Annihilate invaders with a wall of firepower in this insane arcade shooter.

BulletAsylum delivers over-the-top action, melding classic gameplay with next generation visuals and mechanics. With an insane amount of firepower at your fingertips, vibrant graphics, and an all-you-can-shoot buffet of alien hordes to destroy, BulletAsylum will blow you away.


- Multiple unique game modes, including Arcade, Survival, and Architect.

- Dozens of upgrades; because bigger guns are better guns.

- Several game modifiers; change the rules - change the game.

- Leaderboards; Show your friends just how much better than them you are.

- Achievements; 200 Gamerscore up for grabs.
You can find it on the Marketplace here.