Ben 10: Omniverse Announced

By Ellis Spice, 6 years ago
Cartoon Network Enterprises and D3Publisher have revealed details on the latest title in the Ben 10 series of games, Ben 10: Omniverse. This new title is based upon the new television series of the same name and is set to present fans with a whole new gameplay experience as well as a character design inspired by the new show. The game will also feature a new sidekick in Rook, a skilled but inexperienced Plumber graduate, as well as bringing in both aliens from Ben's past and aliens new to the series..

Players will have the ability to transform into one of 13 playable characters in this action-brawler, including never before seen aliens such as Bloxx and Gravattack, as they work with Ben and Rook on defeating an evil plot to destroy the world. The game will also feature co-op, where the 2nd player will control Rook and use his Proto-Tool, a highly advanced weapon of multiple functions, designed purely to combat evil.

No release date or pricing has yet been released for Ben 10: Omniverse, but the television series is set to air in the fall of this year, which may hint to a likely release date for this game.
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Ellis Spice
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