New Crysis 3 Concept Art and Screens Released

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
It took four years for the original Crysis to get a sequel. Now it's getting another next year. It seems EA may be trying to build up the next big contender in the FPS market with Crytek's Nanosuit-charged shooter series. With visuals like the ones in the new screens below, has already won the war on graphics. There's also some new concept art that does well to show the creative process of the game.

cryart 14

cryart 2

cryart 13

cryart 11

cryart 12

cryart 9

cryart 8

cryart 7

cryart 6

cryart 5

cryart 4

cryart 3

cryart 1

For more information on Crysis 3 as we build toward its release early next year, head to the official page here on TA.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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