Borderlands 2 Box Art & Special Editions Revealed

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
Back in April, developer Gearbox teased us with a bit of info about the upcoming game's special editions. Many gamers salivated (amongst other involuntary bodily responses) at the thought of getting a genuine loot box and a Marcus Kincaid bobblehead. Today, Gearbox did the full disclosure on the loot gamers can grab in each of the special editions as well as the box art for their highly-anticipated sequel.

Special Edition 1

The "Deluxe Vault Hunter's Collectors Edition" will include the aforementioned Marcus Kincaid bobble head, hardbound art book, map of Pandora, comic book download and a four sticker set.

Special Edition 2

The "Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition" includes everything from the "Deluxe Vault Hunter's Collectors Edition" as well as an exclusive SteelBook case, numbered certificate of authenticity, creatures of Pandora wide format ID chart and four lithograph postcards. All of that wub wub goodness comes packed in that sweet loot chest that you're all a little too excited about.

Special Edition 3

The "Deluxe Vault Hunter's Collectors Edition" is set to retail at $99.99 while the "Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition" will run you $149.99, so you best start grinding some real life loot before Borderlands 2 drops on September 18th in North America and September 21st internationally.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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