Achievements That Bring a Tear To Your Eye

By Kirsco, 9 years ago
Gaming news website ScrewAttack has posted a list of what they consider to be the seven most difficult achievements to obtain. Taking a look at the list and their respective stats here on True Achievements, this list is pretty accurate.

At number seven, they have Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved with "Survived 1,000,000". This achievement requires you to score 1,000,000 points before you die. Of the 15,000 or so Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved players, only 541 have this notch on their belt.

Next up, at number six is everyone's favourite hexagon rotating game, Hexic HD . The majority of gamers seem to have given this game a shot, or perhaps you guys just throw it on and hand the controller to your little ones. Regardless of who is in control, out of the 47,917 players, 757 have achieved the "Grand Pearl Pooh-Bah". To be frank, Hexic HD is a bit of a time waster, so a lot of gamers are unlikely to invest the time needed to get this achievement. On top of that, often it comes down to luck, rather than skill.

If you're going for number five, I hope you've got all day! It's Mega Man 9 with the "Gamer's Day" achievement. We've only got about 1200 gamers who've played this installment of the Mega Man saga, with 194 of you completing this achievement by finishing the game five times in one day. Perhaps this one's not as hard as ScrewAttack believe it is.

Are you ready to join the Mile High club for number four? No, it doesn't involve getting busy on a plane, it's the "Mile High Club" achievement from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare . 12,622 out of 45,779 gamers who played this game escaped from the plane on Veteran difficulty. Given the popularity of the Call of Duty series, it's no surprise that a fair percentage of gamers have completed this one. That doesn't make it any less frustrating though!

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock comes third on this list with the "Guitar Hero" achievement. I could play this game for years and never hope to unlock this one, you have to five Star every song on Expert mode. For 1,157 of you, apparently it's achievable. The remaining 30,006 of us will have to live without it, or play our fingers to the bone trying.

Number two is going to need fourteen hours of your undivided attention. It's the "7 Day Survivor" achievement from Dead Rising (Xbox 360) . 981 of you have put in the hard yards glued to your couch. I presume the remaining 28,268 gamers who have hit this title, decided it wasn't worth suffering deep vein thrombosis for a measly 20 points.

Finally, checking in at number one, an achievement that only 47 out of 19,855 gamers have received. It's "World Champion (Multiplayer)" from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. The achievement is fairly self explanatory, you need to make it all the way to the top of the universal leaderboard. Having pointed that one out, it's also worth mentioning that the "Team champion (Multiplayer)" achievement from this game has only been unlocked by 37 players, so could be considered even more frustrating.

So, what do you think guys? Were these achievements the most frustrating? Perhaps you've got some suggestions that were left off the list.