Game Info Submission Changes

By Will072, 6 years ago
Over the last few months, the Game Information team and TrueAchievement have been working hard on giving the community a new way to help keep all of the game information on the site up to date and correct.

The new system will allow you to submit a number of types of game information suggestions with a lot more ease such as:

Achievement Flags
Genre Changes
General Game Information (release dates, game/DLC titles, marketplace links)
and much more!

I hope this will encourage you all to use the system to inform the team of any game information suggestions and to make it easier for both yourselves and the team to keep our site looking as great as it does.

All you have to do is click the small blue i icon underneath the game or DLC image on its page and submit your suggestion using the form.

There is a more detailed thread regarding the new system within a new Game Info Submission board that you can find under the TrueAchievements section of the forums - Guidelines for Submitting Game Information. I would ask that you all read this guidelines thread before submitting any suggestions.

The old suggestion threads for genres, game info and flags will be locked as they have now been superseded by this system however you can still use the achievement tile and secret achievements threads which are now located within the Game Information Submission board.

I hope that you all enjoy this new system. smile

And...if you have any questions , comments or suggestions then please feel free to post letting us know or send a PM to myself or one of the Game Information team members (Staff List here)