Hitman Absolution Crushes Hope City

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago

Case Number: 640509-040447
Date: May 18th, 2012
Reporting Officer: Insp. B. Fournier
Incident: Fatal accident at Hope's oldest garage

Details of event

Josh Wiggins, 49, was a mechanic who worked at Hope City's oldest garage. While working underneath a vintage Fauxdillac DeVille, the lift mechanism gave way and the car fell to the ground. Mr. Wiggins was crushed beneath the weight of the car. Despite our best efforts, Mr. Wiggins was deceased by the time the emergency services were able to winch the car clear and provide medical aid.

21/5/12 Hope News 4

Actions taken

Early investigations of the scene have resulted in two possible theories for the cause of the accident. Theory one suggests material fatigue resulting in deformation of the lift's supporting structures. Theory two suggests a malfunction in the lift's control system. Only yesterday, the lift controls received their annual service by an apparently qualified lift technician.

21/5/12 Crushing News

He looks familiar...


Although early investigations appear to confirm a tragic accident, the similarity between the lift technician and the perpetrator of the McCready murder can not be ignored. This man was also present at the fatal multi-vehicle road collision and is the current suspect for the murder of Gavin LeBlond.

We now have a definite deadline in trying to trace this man. November 20th is the date that Hitman: Absolution is released in retail outlets and is also the date that Agent 47 is expected to retreat back into the shadows. There were no noteworthy incidents during the last 14 days and this is likely to be due to his modelling assignments for something called pre-order bonuses. This extremely dangerous person-of-interest must be caught.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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