Walking Dead - Ep 1 Look Back and Ep 2 Teases

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Telltale have recently released the latest video in their excellent 'Playing the Dead' series about their episodic XBLA hit The Walking Dead, the previous installments of which we covered here and here (they're a great watch).

In the spoiler-laden video, the game's lead designers talk about the development and success of Episode 1 and also provide some tantalising teasers for Episode 2.

Apart from some general back-patting on the critical and commercial success of the opening chapter of their point-and-zombie-smash adventure, we also hear about some of the early development ideas of the game and how much the choices you make in the first episode affect the development and outcomes of your playthrough across the entire game - apparently, a lot.

There's also an interesting discussion on the nature of moral choices in games and the decision that the choices in The Walking Dead would carry emotional heft, avoid generic good vs. bad decision making and leave a 'thumbprint on the world'

If you haven't played Episode 1, I highly recommend you go no further. You have been warned.

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 is available now on XBLA for 400msp. Look for Episode 2 soon.
Written by Chewie
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