Lost Planet 3 Gameplay Interview

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
Capcom has teamed up with Spark Unlimited, who's claim to videogame fame has brought such titles as Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary to unleash a new addition to the Lost Planet franchise. Last year Capcom brought you Lost Planet 2, which was met by mixed reviews. This time around we are assuming the role of Jim, a miner on E.D.N III who encounters the Akrid once again on the frozen planet, but before the events of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.

Below is an interview with Andrew Szymanski, Project Lead and Producer of Lost Planet 3 who discusses more of what the player will face while in the shoe's of protagonist Jim.

There is no official release date as of yet, only that we can expect it sometime early 2013. For more on Lost Planet 3 you can head over to our other news regarding its upcoming release.