Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Pre-order Detailed

By SgtDigglesworth, 7 years ago
The new sequel to the 1999 Tekken Tag Tournament will be graciously fighting its way to the Xbox soon enough. Previously we showed the pre-order bonus characters for the upcoming release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, now we will show you how and where you can get them.

When you pre-order your copy from Gamestop, you can expect to receive all four DLC characters which are:

Ancient Ogre
26/05/12 bonus characters

26/05/12 bonus characters

26/05/12 bonus characters

26/05/12 bonus characters

Gamers who pre-order at Best Buy or Amazon will only receive Michelle Chang and Angel. It is suspected that the other characters will be available at a later date for purchase.

The European wing of Namco-Bandai has released the 'We Are Tekken' collectors edition. Which will include a metal case, the game's soundtrack, a remix album, a behind-the-scenes DVD, a 200-plus page hardcover artbook and the game itself. No information has been released as to whether or not those in North America will be able to get there hands on this:

collectors edition 05/25/12

Fans of the long awaited sequel can pick up Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on September 11th.
I am excited are you excited!!

We've got the full list of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.