SEGA Teases Upcoming Music News for Jet Set Radio

By litepink, 6 years ago
Well we thought the track list was set for this summer’s Jet Set Radio, but apparently SEGA has something up their sleeves. The following trailer cryptically teases one song while telling us to “stay tuned” for some music news regarding the upcoming Dreamcast HD remake.

As you may know re-securing the rights to some of these tracks can be a tricky and expensive venture. The soundtrack is a part of the game’s soul, besides being a major component of the nostalgia we feel when playing these classic titles once again. SEGA couldn’t include every track, but it’s very promising to see even more being added, especially after we thought the track list was set.

Let the speculation begin then. Besides “Dragula”, what other songs are on their way? Previously there were no other region exclusive tracks from the Dreamcast version being brought to the XBLA remake, but “Dragula” has changed that. How many more songs will we see then? Perhaps we will find out next week during E3; we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Start thinking of excuses now for when you call in sick to play Jet Set Radio this Summer.