CastleStorm Will Come to Defend Your Tower

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Once upon a time, in a Medieval world, a lone sheep woke up to find himself standing by a lush tuft of grass. Without a second thought, he set about eating the vegetation. Four seconds later, he realises that the tuft of grass is actually growing on top of a tall tower. "How do I get down?" he thinks. Three seconds after this moment of realisation, an answer was no longer necessary as he found himself being catapulted towards a very solid wooden settlement at a very high speed.

This sounds a little unbelievable, doesn't it? Well, Zen Studios believes that sheep flinging is a valid form of defence in their upcoming XBLA tower-defence title, CastleStorm. Their cartoonish Medieval world is home to a mix of two dimensional "archery projectile warfare" and "physics-based structure destruction" ala Angry Birds (WP). Using the type of ballista weaponry typical for the time period, players can launch a variety of destructive objects towards their opponent's tower, including Morningstars, Apple Grenades, Homing Eagles and the aforementioned sheep. Spells are also fair game. If projectiles or spells aren't your thing, then perhaps you'd rather deploy swordsmen, knights and donkey riders to defeat the oncoming enemies.

Did I say oncoming enemies? Of course, as your enemies will be trying to return the favour. A decent strategy and management of resources is needed to defend your tower in real time as Direwolves, Bear Riders and Hammer Throwers all attempt to destroy your precious construction. The tower construction editor will allow players to create their own custom castles, and the choices made in castle design will determine the troops and resources that will be available in battle.

The campaign storyline takes place over 12 environments as Sir Gareth of the knights attempts to recover a stolen gem, taken by the Vikings. Recovery of the gem will end the war taking place throughout the realm. There are multiple ways of claiming victory; players can capture the enemy's flag, destroy their castle or complete a level-specific objective that ends with defeat for the Vikings. As well as the choice of multiple ways of claiming victory, there are multiple objectives for each level too. Every victory will award new weapons and troop classes to be used in future skirmishes.

Players do not have to struggle on their own. Invite a friend for a spot of co-operative survival against endless waves of enemies. If you would rather cause your friends anguish, you can battle against a friend to rank up, earn some gold and upgrade yoour army and defences. Players can choose whether to side with Sir Gareth of the knights or take the role of the Vikings. The many multiplayer modes support both online and local split-screen play.

Spare a thought for the sheep:

Those who can't view the trailer should take a look at these screenshots instead:

30/5/12 CastleStorm 1

30/5/12 CastleStorm 2

30/5/12 CastleStorm 3

30/5/12 CastleStorm 4

30/5/12 CastleStorm 5

30/5/12 CastleStorm 6

30/5/12 CastleStorm 7

30/5/12 CastleStorm 8

30/5/12 CastleStorm 9

30/5/12 CastleStorm 10

30/5/12 CastleStorm 11

30/5/12 CastleStorm 12

CastleStorm is due to be released this year. A price is yet to be confirmed.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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