Strike Suit Zero Still in Development

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
After a management buy-out, Doublesix founder James Brooksby announced that a brand new company, Born Ready Games, will continue development on the space action-shooter, Strike Suit Zero.

Our new independent games studio is dedicated to making Strike Suit Zero the best game it can be. It’s a labour of love for everyone involved and we are very happy to be able to finish and self-publish it under the new banner of Born Ready. We are at the birth of an exciting new development studio packed with talented people who all share the company’s grand ambitions.
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Born Ready Games was founded after securing funding from former publisher and Doublesix parent company, Catalis SE. The game is still in development with the original team behind the game, prompting the following statement from the CEO of Catalis:

We wish Born Ready Games and Strike Suit Zero all the best, and are looking forward to seeing the result of a project we have been so closely involved in.
Strike Suit Zero will have more news in the months to come and is also slated for an early 2013 release.