Star Wars 1313 Officially Revealed [UPDATE]

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
Leaked a few hours ahead of its announcement, Star Wars 1313 has now been officially revealed on GT.TV. While the developers remained mostly-tight lipped, a few intriguing details were revealed.

First, the game promises to be a "mature" version of the Star Wars universe, which certainly excludes a dancing Han Solo or even a single re-enactment with blocks. You play a bounty hunter, whose name was not revealed (though doesn't appear to be Boba Fett) as you hunt down your targets on the dangerous planet of Coruscant, specifically in the criminal underground of Level 1313.

Gameplay is made up of third-person shooting with a cover system and platforming sections as you uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy. Players get an arsenal of "exotic weaponry" and will rely on human skills and gadgets rather than the powers of the Force. George Lucas' pricey production studios will be contributing to the project as well, including Skywalker Sound, Industrial Light and Magic, and Lucasfilm Animation.

Edit: Since the publication of this article, the first piece of artwork has been released:

1/6/12 1313 Artwork

More information about the game is to be revealed this coming Monday during E3. Watch for that, as well as the bundle of other news all week long here on TA.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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