Vancouver 2010 - Release Date and Trailer

By zigs00, 9 years ago
Today, SEGA announced the release date for Vancouver 2010 - the Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games, appearing on our shelves on January 15th. The game has been developed by Eurocom, the same team behind button-bashing bonanza Beijing 2008.

Experience the thrill and adrenaline of the Olympic Winter Games of Vancouver 2010™! Carve your way down the slopes and across the ice as you aim to reach the pinnacle of your sport and claim a gold medal for your country.

Featuring only the fastest, highest and most spectacular events from the Olympic Winter Games, Vancouver 2010™ immerses the player, first-person, in the adrenaline, danger and glory of the world’s greatest winter multisport event.
Check the link below for the newly released trailer and screenshots, which boast far more impressive graphics than its 2008 predecessor.