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By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
The Farm 51 will not be a familiar developer for Xbox 360 gamers. The Polish studio is known more for their PC first person shooters NecroVision and NecroVision: Lost Company. Although this genre will be making its appearance in their first Xbox 360 outing, the gameplay will mix in the adventure genre too. The gameplay in the project currently codenamed Adventurer is best described by the game's producer, Artur Falkowski:

Project Adventurer is an awesome mix of dynamic gameplay and vibrant locations, with traps and puzzles scattered throughout every level. Our intention is to give the player the possibility of using their surroundings to eliminate threats. Additionally, we have incorporated many puzzles and physical challenges that serve as a well-timed break between the action.
Taken back to the 1930s, players assume the role of a private detective who hails from San Francisco. He is on a quest to uncover an "artifact of significant power". His journey begins when the plane that carries the unnamed detective and his companion crashes in the Yucatan. He will need to travel through ten levels of dangerous environments spread all over the world, such as ancient Mayan ruins, forbidden cities, frozen wastelands and lush, tropical jungles.

1/6/12 Adventurer Arctic Temple

1/6/12 Adventurer Mayan Jungle

1/6/12 Adventurer Mayan Temple

Unfortunately, foreign intelligence officers also want the artifact. Not only will the detective have to face these enemies, but the officers have also awakened an ancient evil at one of their excavation sites. Players will have quite an arsenal at their disposal to defeat the enemies. Ancient environmental traps can be used to the player's advantage, while there will be quite a variety of weaponry from the era. These weapons, and the skills of the detective, can be upgraded as the player progresses.

Players will also have to use traditional explorer equipment, such as a compass, notebook, treasure map, torch and... umm... dynamite to solve puzzles and explore. To up the action quota, there will also be car chases.

A multiplayer mode, Treasure Hunt, will accompany the single player campaign. Players will have to use factors such as the environmental traps to defeat their opponents. More details on this mode will be revealed at a later date.

Adventurer is due to be released in 2013.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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