Battleship Sailing onto Windows Phone

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
Electronic Arts have announced that Battleship will be making its way to Windows Phone. This upcoming title is not related to the recent movie or retail game as this Battleship stays true to the classic board game style.

The upcoming game features a classic style game mode were players will blindly fire away at each other as they try to hit their opponent's ships and work out where each ship is placed. The game will also feature some more game modes. Salvo mode is similar to the classic style gameplay, but the action will be a little bit more up tempo as the amount of remaining ships a player has, will in turn lead to the maximum amount of shots the player can optionally fire. Superweapon mode allows players to unlock a new variety of weapons as they destroy their opponent's ships such as a Cherry Bomb, Sky Sword and many more.

A couple of screenshots courtesy of wpcentral have been released showcasing the Superweapon mode's weapon selection, and a couple of the weapons in action:

03/06/12 Screen 2

03/06/12 Screen 1

Battleship is set for release on Windows Phone this Wednesday, June 6th. A price is still yet to be confirmed for the title but we'll update you all as soon as the price is revealed.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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