Javelin Glitch Will Get You Banned

By WeisGuy9,
So how is everyone enjoying the multiplayer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009)?

Not so much, I hear. Unless you have a Javelin.

Apparently, the game's online component is nearly unplayable at present due to a glitch with the Javelin rocket launcher. Without revealing here how it is done, suffice it to say that the Javelin plays a prominent role in a glitch that causes the player to detonate when shot in a massive explosion that usually kills the shooter as well.

According to Robert Bowling's Twitter, this has apparently become so crippling to the multiplayer experience that Infinity Ward already has an update in testing to fix the problem. In an effort to stifle the practice in the meantime, Microsoft is handing out 24 hour Xbox Live suspensions to anyone caught using the glitch. Repeat offenders will receive a two week XBL suspension.

Not kidding.