Pid E3 Trailer, Screens and Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
We are less than an hour away from the kick off of E3 2012. Whilst we wait impatiently with our hearts racing, Might & Delight have released a whole ton of good stuff for their upcoming XBLA platformer, It's been quite some time since the announcement for the game, and since then, we've only seen one trailer for the game which showcased the evolution of how the title is the product it is now.

In Pid, players will be taking on the role of a young, clever boy called Kurt. Lost in a strange world full of unique characters who have already been stranded in this peculiar world for a long time, Kurt must find his way out of here. This will not be simple. The complex puzzles and the need for perfect timing and precise judgement will make the mission to escape a very difficult one. Kurt will have the aid of his gravity defying lightbeams which can aid him in reaching certain platforms and parts of a stage that a simple jump would not be able to. If you'd rather not venture through this wierd world alone, then the option to play alongside a friend in co-op will be available too. Kurt can team up with a "stranded youngin’ named Audrey".

Might & Delight have released some new artwork of some of the characters and stages from the upcoming title.


Pid Artwork - Pid-Poster


Pid Artwork - Ken


Pid Artwork - Gourmand


Pid Artwork - Basement


Pid Artwork - Stages

The newly released screenshots show off images from the actual game itself. Within the screens, you can see that Kurt comes equipped with a Slingshot, and a set of bombs to use too:


Pid Screen - Shaft


Pid Screen - Factory


Pid Screen - City


Pid Screen - Catacombs


Pid Screen - Butler

The freshly released trailer shows off gameplay which features the use of the gravity defying lightbeams. Kurt uses the beams to collect the stars underneath the rotating block. With skill and quick reflexes, the player can seamlessly make Kurt float under and past the rotating block whilst collecting the stars and progressing through the stage. Check it out:

Pid remains scheduled for a "2012" release. We'll update with a more specific release date when as soon as one is announced.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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