Microsoft commitment to new IPs

By Elite Hero, 9 years ago
In the current economic climate many publishers/developers are turning their backs on original IPs (Intellectual Properties or new titles in layman's terms) to concentrate on sequels and expanding current franchises into trilogies and quadrilogies, titles they know will bring home the bacon.

However In a recent interview with Chris Lewin, VP of the Interactive Entertainment Business in the EMEA region for Microsoft (wow that's a long title) commented on Microsoft’s commitment to continue looking for innovative and original titles. He also says that companies that continue to invest in original IPs will come out of the recession far better than those that don't.

Unfortunately he does not name any new games to look out for but this can only mean good news for us gamers in the long run and hopefully will mean a lot more titles like Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey and Too Human. The interview also mentions Lips and You're in the Movies but they can't all be winners now can they.

For the full interview and a quick Q&A with Chris Lewin check out the link below.