December 5th Cometh

By splicegraph, 9 years ago
How will you be spending your Ninja Day? Will you be stealthily slinking about in black pajamas at your place of work or the local mall? Well if your lacking ideas here's a couple for ya:

With the arcade title Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball you can put those damn pirates in their place.

The ultimate battle has begun… Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, and Zombies battle across 4 unique arenas with one goal in mind... knock each other senseless with a rubber ball! Perform powerful special abilities, melee attacks, and multiple throws to eliminate your opponents. Play through each team’s unique story mode to learn the truth behind their rivalry and then take your skills online and compete in up to 8-player, competitive matches over Xbox LIVE! Which side are you on?
I downloaded the demo and found the game surprisingly entertaining. Mind you, I only played it for about 5 minutes, so take this suggestion with a grain of salt. For 800MP ($10.00 USD) it looks like an alright buy and an easy 200GS. Also, it is seriously lacking in the "add guide" department here on TA. So if your looking to increase your badge stats there are twelve solutions to be posted.

Another game of interest for Ninja Day is Kung Fu Riki's achievements in Saints Row 2. In fact, if your gunning for the King Pin achievement it's required.

Saints Row 2KingpinThe Kingpin achievement in Saints Row 2 worth 310 pointsEarn 30 Multiplayer Badges

December 5th is one of only two dates in a year that you can get your Arr... badge, the other being September 19th. So if you missed that, tomorrow is your last chance for another 9 months.

Other than these two suggestions I've got nothing, because I belong to the Nonja Camp. Although I might go see Ninja Assassin in the theater. All I know about Ninjas is that their farts are silent but deadly. If a Ninja farts downwind from a small village the inhabitants are all doomed.
Credit for this story goes to Kung Fu Riki