Dead Space 3 E3 Gameplay

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
Visceral Games and EA made their much anticipated showing of the new survival-horror game Dead Space 3 during their recently concluded E3 press conference. Isaac Clarke returns, but this time he can have a partner. Featuring online co-op, you can play through the campaign over Xbox LIVE with a friend. The new focus on an action-oriented style of play and a third-person cover system puts the player into somewhat of a brighter world than similar games to this one. This is quite a departure from the dark environments that make the hair stand on your neck that fans of the series are accustomed to.

What are your thoughts regarding the much anticipated addition to the Dead Space universe? Feel free to share your views here or in our community chat. Dead Space 3 will be heading to your console on February 2013.