Madden NFL 13 Details Revealed at E3

By Mark Delaney,
EA took the stage soon after Microsoft exited for their annual press briefing at E3. Of course, any game expo of theirs would just seem incomplete without news on one of their biggest franchises: Madden NFL. This year, Madden NFL 13 reinvents the physics engine of the series, providing unique tackling animations on every play and the ability to continue a play mid-tackle (previously, a wrap-up essentially meant the play was over). They also introduced cross-mode connectivity for Online, Superstar, and Franchise, and all new Kinect features which core fans won't want to miss. Check out this new trailer from the folks at EA Sports.

Here's some new gameplay featuring the all-new Infinity Engine, which will incorporate momentum, player size, and tackling impact to decide each tackle as it occurs, rather than selecting a pre-canned animation.

And here's new screens highlighting the unique tackling.

E3 screens 8

E3 screens 7

E3 screens 6

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E3 screens 1

For information on the re-imagined game modes of Madden 13, it might be best to read it straight from the developer's blog, as it is a bit confusing. To recap it though, Connected Careers replaces the three primary modes of Madden — Franchise, Online Franchise, and Superstar — and replaces them with one overarching mode that allows you to do whatever you want by offering all of the features you want from each mode.If you want to play as a GM, you can. If you want to restart the career of a legend, you can. If you want to just play a season mode, like the old days, you can. Again, the blog information is far too long to repost here, but it's definitely worth a read for fans of the series.

Madden NFL 13 is due out on August 28th.

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