Mark of the Ninja Screens

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Ninjas are notoriously secretive fellows, so it comes as no surprise that information for games based on ninjas would also be shrouded in mystery, with just the merest nuggets revealed at a time. So far for, a stealthy XBLA side-scroller from Klei Entertainment (developer of Shank and, we've only had a brief teaser and gameplay video. Today, however, as part of E3, a clutch of new screens have also been released.

04/06/2012 - Screen 1

04/06/2012 - Screen 2

04/06/2012 - Screen 3

04/06/2012 - Screen 4

04/06/2012 - Screen 5

There's currently no word on when Mark of the Ninja will be leaving its mark on the marketplace (secretive ninjas - told you), but we'll keep you updated with all the latest info, here on TA.
Written by Chewie
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