Avengers: Battle For Earth Trailer & Screenshots

By Mr J Muffin, 6 years ago
For those of you who haven't seen The Avengers, go out and see it. Those of you who have, Ubisoft has given the world a trailer and a few screenshots of one of their upcoming releases, Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth. You'll find out that you'll be fighting as more than just the characters from the movie, as Wolverine, Spiderman and more make their introductions. See it here:

If the trailer wasn't enough to satisfy your hunger for Kinect Avengers action, here's a select few delectable screenshots of the action.

Captain America vs Hulk

Iron Man vs. Loki

Loki vs. Thor

Loki vs. Thor

Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth is due out Fall 2012. Any new info released will be posted here, so keep an eye out for updates!