Ubisoft Reveal Their Best Kept Secret, Watch_Dogs

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
As E3 day one draws to a close, it ends on a high note as Ubisoft blow the lid on their top secret new IP, Watch_Dogs. A gritty futuristic third person title which focuses on data and the power contained within it. The concept is a deep and twisting affair which has clearly been in the works for some time. The best part? Not a single word has been breathed to the outside world, much to the thrill of the crowd who awarded it the largest round of applause of the evening.

This introduction video should help explain the set-up and premise of the title in greater detail than our tired fingers could do justice to here:

With the background and idea set firmly in your mind, Ubisoft continued to display a generous demonstration of how the title will play out. Note the mini-map in the bottom right hand corner showing a seemingly open world approach to the title which will be implemented in the game. The acoustic attention is something quite special too.

As it stands Watch_Dogs has been given no solid platform or release window. We can only assume that as it was presented as the big 'and finally' moment in their presentation that this will be a multi-platform affair. We'll be sorely disappointed if it isn't.