New Screenshots for Skulls Of The Shogun Emerge

By litepink, 6 years ago
Skulls of the Shogun beat the E3 rush with a trailer that premiered late last week. Keeping the buzz going, 17-BIT has released some screens for their upcoming samurai strategy title for XBLA.

E32012 Screenshot 1

E32012 Screenshot 2

E32012 Screenshot 3

E32012 Screenshot 4

E32012 Screenshot 5

• Accessible, gridless, simple interface married with deep, layered tactical strategy and wildly variable battle outcomes.
• Beautiful hand-drawn 2D high resolution art, inspired by a mash up of classic 1960's anime and modern urban vinyl character design.
• Save your game at any point during the deep, immersive Drop-in and drop-out anytime with co-op and competitive multiplayer gameplay, save-game at anytime, as well as an engrossing original story and deep single player experience.
• Amazing soundtrack influenced by classic Samurai Films, dub music and high drama created by world class Tokyo DJ Makyo of Dakini Records.
Despite it's showing at E3, the release date for Skulls of the Shogun is still TBA.