Two Happy Wars Trailers to Brighten Your Day

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
Toylogic's debut XBLA title, Happy Wars, looks interesting. For the finer details regarding gameplay, check out our coverage of the announcement trailer.

Back? Good. Now watch the first trailer which focuses on customization.

Secondly, here's a multiplayer trailer which highlights how insane the massive games can become with thirty happy combatants. Towards the end, some details are given regarding the co-op survival mode, including the various enemies that will be seeking your complete and utter destruction.

I have to say that "stages full of happy gimmicks" doesn't really describe the image of a giant ant snatching someone up in its mandibles.

I find cute cartoon characters slaughtering each other to be incredibly adorable. Sadly, Happy Wars has no release date beyond the nebulous "sometime in 2012".