Rise of the Guardians Announced

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
Have you ever wanted to play as Santa Clause, or The Tooth Fairy, or maybe even The Sandman or Jack Frost?

5/6/12 Artwork

DreamWorks Animation has teamed up with Torus Games, to bring the new feature film Rise of the Guardians to the Xbox 360. Re-imagining some of the childhood legends of the most fabled stories, Rise of the Guardians will allow players to upgrade abilities and use special spellbinding moves in order to defeat "Pitch" and his infectious nightmares.

With a drop-in and drop-out multiplayer format of up to four players, you will be able to combine special attacks while in combat to destroy enemies and upgrade your guardian's strength and skills as a team.

Here are some of the key features of Rise of the Guardians:

Join Forces with Your Favorite Characters From the Film – Play as one of the classic childhood legends from DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming feature film, Rise of the Guardians, including: North, Tooth, Bunnymund, Sandman, and Jack Frost.

Battle Pitch in an Epic Adventure – Take on Pitch and his evil nightmares in a deep and intuitive adventure combat game that includes new original enemies designed specifically for each Guardian’s realm.

Unique Abilities and Upgrades – Unlock power-ups such as weapon upgrades for your character. Plus, earn unique new abilities including special combat moves like a snowball attack, summoning a swarm of miniature tooth fairies, and more!

Explore Legendary Guardian Realms – Experience the imaginative worlds from Rise of the Guardians, including; Tooth’s Palace, North’s Workshop, Bunnymund’s Warren, and many more.

Team up in Multiplayer – Swap between any of the characters in drop-in-and-out four-player squad based multiplayer action on consoles.
Gamers looking to fight their way through a journey of nightmares as good ol' Saint Nick (possibly) can do so when Rise of the Guardians is released on November 20th.