Aliens: Colonial Marines Screens & Gameplay Video

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Gearbox today released a whole nest of new media for their consistently delayed xenomorph frag-fest

First of all we get some atmospheric screens showing our hero watching helplessly, loaded gun in hand, as aliens tear through the facility and decimate his friends and colleagues:

Screens - 05/06/2012

Screens - 05/06/2012 2

Screens - 05/06/2012 3

Next on the list, we get a gameplay walkthrough with narration by Gearbox's own Randy Pitchford. In it, we get to see a group of marines investigating an iconic area of Hadley's Hope - the massively ill-conceived settlement from the film - before encountering a few nasty surprises. Oh, and Randy's 'freaking out', not because they're coming out the god-damn walls, but because he's making an Aliens game

No, you don't have deja vu. This isn't a new video. In fact it's exactly the same video shown at last year's E3 back when the game had a release window of Spring 2012. Maybe Gearbox thought you'd just like a reminder.

Finally, we get to see something I know most of us hardcore Aliens fans have been dying to see since this game was announced - the lobby...

Screens - 05/06/2012 4

Following the aforementioned delays, Aliens: Colonial Marines is now due on February 12th, 2013.
Written by Chewie
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