Zumba Fitness Core Announced At E3

By Andrew Ogley, 6 years ago
Today, Majestic Entertainment revealed the latest title in their best-selling Zumba franchise, Zumba Fitness Core. The newest title follows in the footsteps of the other games in the series, Zumba Fitness and Zumba Fitness: Rush.

Zumba Fitness Core E3 Boxshot

Building on the success of the previous games, this workout title aims to target your body's 'core' featuring choreography specifically designed to deliver tight and toned abs as well as an effective total-body workout.

According to Majestic, we can expect to see the following features in the new game:
- Shake it to fresh new dance styles like Brazilian Funk, Polynesian, Celtic Bluegrass, Jive, Jazz, African and Disco that complement Salsa, Cumbia, Bollywood and Reggaeton to deliver over 30 rhythms, more than any other dance or fitness game;

- Keep your fitness regimen on track with new personal and community goals plus nutrition and wellness tips;

- Experience exotic new venues like Tiki Beach, a Venetian Ballroom and Waterfall Resort;

- Learn the basic steps with expanded tutorials that now include Bollywood and Samba styles along with Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue and Cumbia;

- Dance with new celebrity instructors Loretta Bates and Nicholas Logrea who join returning Zumba® superstars Beto, Gina Grant, Tanya Beardsley and Kass Martin;

- Work out with a friend on Kinect for Xbox 360;

- Dance hands-free on Kinect for Xbox 360.
A small number of screenshots were also released during the announcement featuring two of the in-game instructors, Gina and Tanya, showing some of the moves you will be expected to imitate during your core workout.

Zumba Fitness Core E3 Screenshots Tanya09

Zumba Fitness Core E3 Screenshots Tanya06

Zumba Fitness Core E3 Screenshots Gina07

Zumba Fitness Core E3 Screenshots Gina06

You might notice in the screenshots that the instructors are standing up and not lying on the floor doing the usual abs workout. Majestic assures us:
The days of crunches are over. Zumba® Fitness Core takes a new approach. Participants are standing up, rocking out to amazing music and getting the most effective ab sculpting workout in the market.

So no more excuses, it's time to get that six-pack you've always wanted.

Zumba Fitness Core is expected to launch October, 2012 for Kinect.

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