Borderlands 2 Bios and Screenshots

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
The news keeps flowing out of E3 like a loot drop from an Elemental Skag. On the heels of today's Gameplay Demo Video, Gearbox has treated us with some new screenshots as well as info on the four new protagonists.

Salvador, the Gunzerker, has been front and center since Borderlands 2 was officially revealed to the public.

Character 1

Salvador is about as subtle, classy, and sane as one would imagine a native of Pandora to be. Which is to say: not at all. He loves blowing people up, getting paid, and laughing incessantly at the violence that surrounds him.
Salvador's special skill is, you guessed it, Gunzerking. Gunzerking allows Salvador to dual wield ANY gun in ANY combination. 

Axton is a military soldier who can pack a punch.

Character 2

Axton was kicked out of the military for being too unpredictable - too much of a fun-loving glory hog.  Rather than face certain death at a firing squad, he thought he'd retire to the one planet in the galaxy where his talents would be appreciated: Pandora.
Axton's special skill allows him to deploy Sabre Turrets. Sabre Turrets can be upgraded with many gun and missile attachments or augmentations up to and including teleportation and, you're reading this right, create nuclear explosions.

Maya brings back the Siren class from with a new twist.

Character 3

Hailing from the planet of Athenas where she was once worshipped as a goddess, Maya has come to Pandora to learn more about her Siren heritage. And to melt her enemies with the power of her mind. But mainly the first thing.
Maya's unique Siren skill allows her to Phaselock. Phaselocking allows Maya to lift and lock enemies in place where they sit helplessly out of battle and prone to damage.  Phaselock doesn't just hold enemies in place (like the Stasis ability in the Mass Effect series). The ability can take many forms including healing party members and dealing massive damage to enemies.

Finally, Zer0, the Assassin is soon to be a fan favorite.

Character 4

??? Not much information is known about this mysterious being.
While Gearbox skimped on the description, they have said that Zero's action skill is Deception which allows him to vanish into stealth, do massive critical hit damage and distract his enemies with a decoy.  While in Deception, Zer0 can also see critical weak points on enemies or assassinate enemies with fast attacking melee strikes.

As promised, Gearbox has delivered a few new screens showing off the game in action, as well as a piece of concept art.

E3 5

E3 4

E3 3

E3 2

E3 1

Which class do you plan on taking first when Borderlands 2 hits shelves in September (18th in North America and 21st everywhere else)?

As always, be sure to keep your eyes locked on our E3 Hub for all of the latest gaming news coming out of sunny California!
Jonathan Barnes
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