Registration closed - for 24 hours

By Rich Stone, 9 years ago
Due to a couple of articles about TA appearing on some rather large gaming websites yesterday, we had over 3,000 new registrations in a little over 10 hours.

Because all these lovely new people need to have their achievements scanned from scratch, the initial scan can take up to 5 minutes. Subsequent scans take around 1 second, but the big initial one can take a fair amount of time.

The scanners have therefore got a considerable backlog of new users to get through, so I've temporarily closed the registration process while they catch up.

I'd like to welcome all the new users, having all your achievements in the calculations should make things a lot more accurate.

You can still register your email address and GamerTag and we'll get back to you when the registration is open again - which should hopefully be tomorrow.


Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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