Wordament Getting an Update

By litepink,
The ad-supported Wordament (WP) is continually improving and expanding. Developer You vs. The Internet added a Dutch Language beta last month, and since then has added Swedish and German with more on the way.

An impending update to the game looks to make improvements to the interface and gameplay. For starters, the systray will be returning. This is the little bit of info on the top of your phone that displays the connection, battery life and time. It was featured in the title before it was LIVE-enabled. Another facet of the look that will be changing is the option to switch to a monochrome background. Instead of the varied colored backgrounds of the different languages, you can set the background to one mostly devoid of color.

Playing Wordament is about to get better too. An improved error logic will strengthen your connectivity to the game and Xbox LIVE. Improvements to the data transmission will help those with slower connections, and the game will provide more precise feedback to the user when an error occurs. This will help you understand who is at fault and how to amend the problem.

Finally, a better touch experience is promised to those with bigger screens (namely the Lumia 900). Before swipes were less responsive on the Lumia 900, but fear not, this update solves this issue as well.

Updates get rolled out at different times for different phones, so you should expect to see an update in the next few days.

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