Winners: May Monthly Sweepstakes

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Let's choose some winners! A short while back we ran our May Monthly Sweepstakes of course, but when E3 landed, the whole schedule went awry.

The time is now right, however, to start getting back on the tracks of normality (as the E3 news begins to slow up) and finish what we started. Without any further stalling, here are our winners:

Our first prize winner (12 months of Xbox LIVE Gold) is BKS37:

I would remove infinetely respawning enemies in any game ever. Unless you explain that there is a cloning machine in that room, I don't want to kill 300 germans running out of a barn-house bathroom.
Second place (800MSP) goes to Flailing Mage:

I'd give voiceless characters a heavily censored inner monologue.

Master Chief: What the **** is that thing? Why the **** is it blue? Who the **** woke me the **** up today?

Gordan Freeman: WHAT THE ****! Did that thing just jump on my ****ing face? Why? Who the **** does that? ****!

Wander: (Shadow of the Colossus): Oh my god! I'm flyinggggggggg! Ahh ****! Catch me horse!

Link: You - butterfly, get the **** in this jar. And you, ***** shut the **** up. I do nothing BUT listen you ******* **** *****.
The third place (One year of TA Pro) spot goes to emerald000:

Something that could apply to most games, but more importantly to RPGs. A quick-save feature: a temporary save that disappears once you load it up.

Yes I do have to go. Yes right now. No I can't wait for the next save in 1 hour. No I don't want to waste electricity by leaving you on. No I can't bring you with me either. Yes I would love to, but I can't carry you around while you run. No you are not fat. No the slim version is not prettier. Yes I am sure. Yes I really need to go. Yes I love you, but I definitely have to go. No don't. Don't. DON'T DO THIS!
Last, but not least, our bonus prize (a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Prestige Coin) is awarded to wheatrich in our random draw.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks to everyone who took part! We'll be in touch with winners soon, please bear with us whilst we get back up to speed. Stick around for another sweepstakes soon!