Miner Wars 2081 Comes to E3

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Miner Wars 2081 is not a new announcement to come out of E3. The game has been in full-time development since 2009, but with a little ambiguity over platforms, we've never covered it before. However, the first-person action-survival space shooter made an appearance at E3 after a couple of months of silence, complete with new assets and reassurances that the game is definitely heading to Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Set in the year 2081, gamers find themselves in a post-apocalyptic inner Solar System just ten years after the destruction of Earth. Technology has barely advanced and Earth's displaced population is struggling to adjust to life in space mining colonies without their planet. Important life-sustaining resources, such as food, oxygen and fuel, are in short supply and are the cause of the outbreak of war between many different factions.

Players operate an advanced mining ship in the open world asteroid belt area. The many types of missions include "rescue, exploration, revenge, base defense, theft, transportation, stealth, search and destroy, pure harvesting, racing or just flying around and destroying everything you see." The campaign can be experienced in single player or in co-op online multiplayer. There will also be competitive multiplayer modes. Here are the game's key features:

Colossal-Scale Destruction – Everything in Miner Wars 2081’s environment will be destructible and persistent—everything.
Deform the terrain, chip away at cover, and make things difficult for campers. Thanks to Miner Wars’ VRAGE™ engine, the environment can be used to absolute tactical advantage. Build bases inside gigantic asteroids, burrow shortcuts and kilometres-long tunnels through solid rock and make a silent pounce with the harvester drill.

Skill-Based Game - Miner Wars is not about ‘grinding’ your way to level X.
Miner Wars is not about repeating mundane tasks or quests, leveling or experience points. Player skill and mental agility, creative and tactical cunning—in multiplayer an understanding of psychology and choosing which battles to fight or retreat from is a key aspect of gameplay.

Wide Variety of Ships – Choose the best ship for the job.
Each ship has its advantages and disadvantages; you will have to experiment to ensure the best craft for the particular mission. Upgrades and add-ons to your ship will also play a large role in outfitting the best possible vessel, be it a mining operation, a full-scale battle, exploration, stealth, or tunnelling.

Complex Dungeons in Space – Seamless transition between outdoor and indoor environments.
Enter large asteroid bases and space stations full of enemies. Players will also be able to battle each other in these indoor areas and engage in some truly intense multiplayer battles.

Ship Upgrades - Every ship can be upgraded with a wide variety of equipment, weapons and augmentations.
Armour plating, storage space, engine boosts (in both speed and economy), radar systems, maneuvering-thrusters, mining tools, and myriad others on offer.

Mining and Exploration – Players are encouraged to explore and harvest.
There are many elements, compounds and materials to be mined from asteroids and sold for ‘Credits’, or used in various ways. Some of these are extremely rare and valuable. Exploration is also a key element of the game, finding items and credits which can be spent on weapons, upgrades, tools, etc.

Looting – Any destructible ship in the game can be looted by another player.
Looting is a vital part of the Miner Wars experience. When a player decides how they will pursue another, by disabling the engines rather than simply obliterating them with missiles will result in a higher proportion of the items and equipment items in their inventory.
It’s important to always be careful of what you carry in your inventory, lest you have it stolen or lost.

Factions - In the Miner Wars Universe there will be dozens of factions.
Each faction will have different approaches and motivations throughout the story-world—from miners to fanatics, privateers to nations. In Miner Wars 2081 the player is a part of the EAC – Euro-American Confederation. But there are other factions too: Fourth Reich, OmniCorp, People’s Republic of China, Arab Islamic Empire and more.

Combination of Single and Multiplayer Elements – If a mission is too difficult, you can simply hire a friend to help you on your mission or quest!
Take a look at the new trailer that gives an insight into some of the campaign missions:

For those of you who can't view the trailer, take a look at the new screenshots showcasing a Russian trade station, a Euro-American survey site and an Outlaw base.

6/6/12 E3 Screen 1

6/6/12 E3 Screen 2

6/6/12 E3 Screen 3

6/6/12 E3 Screen 4

6/6/12 E3 Screen 5

6/6/12 E3 Screen 6

Miner Wars 2081 is due to be released on PC later this year. The game will be released for XBLA after the PC version is in stores.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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