Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 E3 Trailer [UPDATE]

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
In Konami's pre-E3 conference, the producer for, Kei Masuda, described the main improvements in this year's instalment to the PES franchise. More details can also be found in April's game announcement. The first improvement, PES Full Control, lets gamers have full manual control over their players' movements and ball movements.

6/6/12 AC Milan vs. Inter Milan Player Control

6/6/12 Inter Milan vs. AC Milan New Control System

The second major improvement is Player ID, where approximately 50 players have been extensively motion captured and implemented into the game.

6/6/12 Real Madrid vs. Sevilla Player ID

The third is ProActive AI, with enhancements to the movements and responses of the AI players.

6/6/12 FC Barcelona vs. Valencia CF Goalkeeper AI

As well as these three improvements, there are other gameplay options that have received tweaks and enhancements:

Performance Training: The training sessions are a popular part of the PES series, and are vital to mastering the new level of total control. A series of walk-thru guides will ease the player into the intricacies of quick passes and manual shooting. Training sessions also allow the player to refine the control over secondary players via the improved off-the-ball control, and the deft footwork of lobbing a goalkeeper.

Football Life: Introduced in PES 2012, Football Life is an umbrella term for the series' popular Master League and Become a Legend Mode and features a variety of changes and additions in PES 2013.. In the new game players will find new ways to bolster team performance by earning money to add special coaches to work on the team's weaknesses, while transfers are more open with clearer reasons as to why negotiations are stalling. In the Become a Legend mode players are given feedback on how they need to improve to break into the squad.

Online: Master League Online will introduce a new ranking system called Rival Ranking which sources players at a similar level. The community side of the game will be split into 240 cities across the globe, and will show when local players are online. Leagues can be created, and messages and challenges sent. The series' myPES synchronization with Facebook also returns, and will go into more detail. Match reports covering pass success rates, possession, etc, will be detailed, as will each user's top scorers, runs of results and scoring patterns. These can then be posted on the user's Facebook wall for bragging rights.
The official E3 trailer shows some of these gameplay improvements in action:

Edit: Since the publication of this article, a gameplay video has been released showing off the improvements in Player ID and ProActive AI.

For those who can't watch the trailer, have a look at the other screenshots that Konami has released:

6/6/12 Camp Nou stadium 1

6/6/12 Camp Nou stadium 2

6/6/12 Iniesta

6/6/12 Kaka

6/6/12 Neymar 1

6/6/12 Neymar 2

PES 2013 is due to be released in Autumn / Fall 2012.
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