Voice Command GPS Coming to Forza Horizon

By litepink, 6 years ago
The Kinect integration in Forza will be much different this time, as Joystiq reports that a voice-activated GPS will be implemented into the wide open spaces of https://www.trueachievements.com/Forza-Horizon-xbox-360.htm.

The feature is meant to prevent drivers from getting lost, or in some instances keep you focused on your next objective. Playground Games told Joystiq that a common occurrence during testing was people getting a bit lost in the large open world. The GPS should help you find your way. You can call out specific locations such as "GPS, Festival, Autoshow", or ask general questions like "where's my next race?". Once the Kinect registers your command, the familiar green Forza race line will lead the way.

We're going to assume that there will be some sort of GPS through the pause menu or a series of button presses, though this is only speculation. There's also no confirmation of what languages outside of English will be supported for this Kinect feature. If the Kinect can properly pick up your voice for the GPS, you could argue that this title is indeed "Better with Kinect".

Forza Horizon launches October 23rd.