Co-operate In Spec Ops: The Line

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Spec Ops: the Line is nearing release, so what better to get more publicity for the game then to take it to E3? Two days ago, 2K Games announced that co-op multiplayer missions would be added to the game in the form of free DLC, which would be available shortly after the launch of the game. The publisher has now released a series of screenshots showing the co-op missions in action:

7/6/12 E3 Co-op 1

7/6/12 E3 Co-op 2

7/6/12 E3 Co-op 3

7/6/12 E3 Co-op 4

7/6/12 E3 Co-op 5

7/6/12 E3 Co-op 6

7/6/12 E3 Co-op 7

7/6/12 E3 Co-op 8

7/6/12 E3 Co-op 9

7/6/12 E3 Co-op 10

7/6/12 E3 Co-op 11

The game is also previewing at E3. Although we can't bring you any gameplay footage of this preview (yet), have a look at some of the screenshots lifted from the gameplay instead.

7/6/12 E3 Preview 1

7/6/12 E3 Preview 2

7/6/12 E3 Preview 3

7/6/12 E3 Preview 4

7/6/12 E3 Preview 5

7/6/12 E3 Preview 6

7/6/12 E3 Preview 7

7/6/12 E3 Preview 8

Spec Ops: The Line is due to be released on June 26th in North America and June 29th in Europe and Australasia. Those wanting a sneak peek at the game before it releases should check out the demo here
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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