TimeZone Code Changes

By Rich Stone, 6 years ago
Hi there

When the site was first written over 4 years ago, I used a free downloadable library to handle displaying times correctly depending on your Time Zone setting.

Unfortunately, this library hasn't been supported for the last 2 years, and new zones and daylight savings rules have come in since then which has caused some problems, particularly in Australasia.

I have now completely rewritten the time zone handling to use an inbuilt .net library. This should hopefully guarantee no more incorrect times whenever daylight saving occurs.

I have had to manually match up the old zone info to the new info, so before you do anything else, please check that the current time is correct on the right hand side of the Gaming Sessions page.

If not, you can change it in My Settings

Please note - I've had to update code in over 500 places to handle this new module, so if you see anywhere you think the time is wrong then please post in here!

Thanks all
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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