NHL 13 True Performance Skating Producer Video

By litepink, 6 years ago
The True Performance Skating in NHL 13 is something we touched on a bit in the last gameplay walkthrough. The new skating system has also been featured in a previous trailer and quick clip.

EA Sports is right to put an extra focus on True Performance Skating as it changes the way you play NHL 13. The overhauled skate system involves three key factors: explosiveness, top-end speed, and momentum. Sean Ramjagsingh and Dean Richards are here once again to talk physics and the overall dynamic of the True Performance Skating.

EA has also released another video in their series of quick clips. This one focuses on the mechanics of speed vs. control.

NHL 13 will be available September 11th (NA) and September 14th (EU). Die-hard fans may want to take a look at the game's Collector's Edition.