Far Cry 3 Co-op Trailer and Pre-Order Bonuses

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
E3 may be over, but developers will steadily be pushing out media over the next few weeks for their big titles. For Ubisoft, Far Cry 3 is one of those big titles and we have another amazing looking trailer for you today.

This trailer introduces us to the characters of the four player co-op campaign. All of these individuals choose to work aboard a seedy private cruise ship in order to escape their past. When the captain hands the ship over to a group of pirates in exchange for cash, bad things begin happening as all of these characters possess a certain set of skills. Skills they use to kill everyone.

Watch former cop Leonard team up with Mikhail the Russian hitman, Tisha the soldier and Callum the Scottish thug as they kill every pirate they come across and chase their former employer to a lovely, tropical island.

Did you watch that trailer all the way through? If you did, you discovered the Gamestop pre-order bonus for the Monkey Business Pack. This pack will include four exclusive missions centering on Hunk and his bomb-carrying monkeys. As if this trailer wasn't trippy enough, now we have bomb-carrying monkeys playing an active role in Far Cry 3. The Monkey Business Pack will also include "two new ways to humiliate your friends" in the multiplayer mode. Hopefully, one of those ways is killing them with bomb-carrying monkeys.

Far Cry 3 is currently slated for release on September 4th in North America, September 6th in Australasia and September 7th in Europe. Those of you in the UK can also pre-order the Insane Edition, which includes the Monkey Business Pack alongside a host of other goodies.