TopWare Reveals Their Secret E3 Title: Sacrilegium

By Rebecca Smith,
Survival-horror fans have been disappointed with E3 so far. With Dead Space 3 taking a new direction and Resident Evil 6 putting an increased emphasis on co-op play, things aren't looking too rosy for the traditional single-player thrill of survival. Enter Reality Pump Studios and their brand new IP, Sacrilegium, to be published by TopWare Interactive. The development team responsible for the Two Worlds RPG franchise is heading in a completely different direction in a bid to revive the ailing genre.

8/6/12 Logo

Players assume the role of Alex, a 20-year-old Californian college student. Not only is she smart, friendly and independent, she looks rather pretty too. Like all would-be adventurers, she keeps in shape through combat and self-defence training, and has a variety of martial arts moves that are bound to come in handy. Of course, her deadly arsenal of ranged weapons, from handguns to crossbows, would also help.

8/6/12 Concept Art 1

8/6/12 Concept Art 2

Our heroine and her friends find themselves on a journey across the globe, from the "foggy banks of San Francisco to the remotest corners of Europe". However, a dark curtain divides the safe modern world from the world of Sacrilegium, a world "beyond the known reality" where frequent encounters with a variety of dangerous creatures are part of the every day experience. The worst are the Moroi, modern vampires with almost cannibalistic tendencies. Alex must sacrifice herself to save her friends, but will she make it out alive without Sacrilegium corrupting her soul?

8/6/12 Concept Art 3

8/6/12 Concept Art 4

The game will use Reality Pump's new GRACE 2 game engine to render the characters and the locations. The basis for this engine was used to power Two Worlds II, but the studio has improved the engine to try and provide more lifelike images. Motion capture has managed to reproduce the movement of the body and detailed facial expressions.

8/6/12 Concept Art 5

8/6/12 Concept Art 6

If the concept art didn't give you enough of an idea about what to expect, check out these screenshots:

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8/6/12 Screenshot 5

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Sacrilegium is yet to get a confirmed release window, although some sites are suggesting a Q2 2013 release. We'll let you know when we hear more.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Sacrilegium achievements.
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