TV Show Tie-In Defiance Artwork

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Following an E3 trailer and screenshots we can now reveal some concept artwork for the upcoming game, which show off some of the locations and characters from the game.

08/06/2012 - Art 1

08/06/2012 - Art 2

08/06/2012 - Art 4

08/06/2012 - Art 3

08/06/2012 - Art 5

'Well those look interesting enough, Chewie, but what exactly is Defiance?', I hear you ask. No? Well I'll try and explain it anyway:

Defiance is an open-world shooter MMO from developer/publisher Trion Worlds that is set in a ruined world where aliens and humans co-exist. The hook is (and it's a doozie) that the game will interlink with an upcoming SyFy channel series: the aptly named, Defiance. The world of the series and the world of the game will co-exist in a way that the show and the game will directly affect each other. To what extent these links will work and develop is still unknown, but the possibilities could stretch far beyond merely characters and locations, and completely break the trend of standard tie-in games.

We don't have too much more solid info on Defiance yet, including release dates, but jump into our previous coverage here and keep your eyes on the homepage as more is revealed.
Written by Chewie
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