Phantasy Star Universe Servers Shutting Down

By litepink, 6 years ago
Phantasy Star Universe’s run on Xbox 360 will be coming to an end come September 7th of this year. The game originally debuted in October of 2006, and Xbox 360 servers have outlasted that of the PC and PS2, which ended in March of 2010.

The Community Manager for PSU (“Edward@Sega”) broke the news with a bit of a heavy heart; you can tell he is passionate about this game and its community. The message details subscription refunds as well as thanking fans for their patronage over all these years. He also hints at some celebratory and bonus events in the coming weeks.

Important Notice for all PSU XB360 Players:

We regret to inform you that servers for Phantasy Star Universe on XB360 will be closing as of this September 7th, 2012.
This was not an easy decision but there comes a time when we must consider the level of service and support we can provide for an ongoing game, and balance those concerns against preparing for the future, and providing you with new opportunities and new experiences.

Following service closure, the single player version of the game will still be available, but network mode will be inaccessible. Players who still have a GUARDIANS license active following the close date will have their subscription refunded by Microsoft on a pro-rated basis.

Regarding this decision:

The time has come where we must move forward. We wish to thank every single one of you for your part in this journey.
It has been a long run for our intrepid GUARDIANS: Across the Gurhal system for six years now, exploring new worlds and new challenges. While we are saddened to close the doors to PSU on Xbox 360, we are proud of the game and of our loyal fans who have supported us through the years.

More than anything we want to thank all of you once again, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting this game, for providing feedback, and for enjoying and sharing in this experience with us.

We look forward to taking our memories and the lessons learned from this game as we prepare to move into the future. There is more news yet to come for Phantasy Star, and there will be much to be excited about in the coming weeks and months. For now, please feel free to share your memories of this game and know we look forward to sharing more adventures with you in the future!

-June 8th, 2012

“Who said we are lost again, in this lonely world?
I say we can start again.”
On a personal note:

Along with other GMs, it has been my honor to serve you and take part in this game. This was in many ways my introduction to working at SEGA and my introduction to the wider SEGA Community.

I will continue to be here at SEGA, now and in the future, and I will certainly be on these boards until the end. Sadly, you can’t get rid of me that easily. smile

Regarding the time we have left, I will do my best to organize some celebratory events, for those of you who want to join. You may notice we are also adding a number of server-wide bonuses – the best we can do is go out in style.


When we closed the PC/PS2 servers here in the West several years ago, I shared the story of the first time I met you there, as a GM: on the beach, sitting pleasantly in the surf, sharing ideas and jokes. That same day I ventured on to XB360 for the first time, and met — not a handful of GUARDIANS — but a teeming mob. I was quickly enveloped. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t slightly intimidating.

With time that I came to appreciate that energy and that enthusiasm. I have overseen events, observed the joyous mayhem of Sonic’s birthday … and presided over three different weddings.

Spirited, boundlessly enthusiastic, and holding our shared game to the highest of expectations: that is how I would describe XB360 players. It is meant as a compliment, because you have always been willing to fight for a game you loved. You have challenged me every single day I’ve been here, in the best way possible.

I’d feel dishonest if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that we didn’t all get everything we wanted out of our version of the game. I know some of you will be upset or angry or frustrated, and I hope with time we can find ways to talk about all of that – to learn useful lessons for how we, as a company, interact with you, the fans.

I hope you are all proud, as I am, to have been part of such a unique game, and to forge such an impressive presence for an action MMO in the console universe. Many games have come and gone, but we’ve lasted a long, long time.

In the end, this game was our version: it belongs to us, and I hope that as we move on, we remember what we did have here – a dedicated community, a great game, and years of shared adventures.
The good news for achievement hunters, is that the base 1000 achievement points can still be earned offline in single player. This server closure will affect the Ambition of the Illuminus DLC and its 5 achievements worth 250G. The DLC expansion once cost 1600 MSP, but has now been free of charge for almost two years. You can download the DLC here.

“Ambition of the Illuminus” requires a paid GUARDIANS License subscription to play. As noted in the statement above, any remaining time on your subscription will be refunded in a pro-rated manner.

Again, Phantasy Star Universe’s servers will close on September 7th.
Credit for this story goes to lXl Will lXl