AmazonLocal Offering $35 12-Month Gold Cards [US]

By litepink, 6 years ago
For those looking for a great deal on an Xbox LIVE subscription, you’ll want to check out the AmazonLocal service for a free voucher to purchase a Gold card for only $35.

What’s AmazonLocal? It’s similar to services like Groupon where deep discounts are offered from businesses in your area. This particular offer however, is available nationwide. All you need to do is enter your desired e-mail address at, select your city, and you’re done. The Xbox LIVE Gold offer should be on your front page.

You’ll then be sent a voucher to claim your $35 12-month card between now and June 22nd. Should you decide not to purchase the item, the free voucher expires and you are not charged anything. The offer is redeemed and processed through Amazon’s regular site.

The voucher is being offered through the end of the day tomorrow, and as mentioned must be redeemed by June 22nd.

An account is required to both claim and redeem your voucher
Credit for this story goes to Mr Rodster