Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection Sneaks into E3

By litepink,
A new Kinect Sports release is on the horizon, as seen in a pair of Xbox 360 compilation videos we covered a few days back.

In both videos, short segments of gameplay are shown depicting sports from both Kinect Sports and, and is introduced as Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection. Boxing and football are seen in one video, while Tennis, Skiing, Bowling, and Volleyball are all showcased in the other video.

We're led to believe then that the Ultimate Collection will have both Kinect Sports titles in one package. Perhaps we might see the DLC get thrown in as well, and maybe even a separate achievement list. Either way, this is shaping up to be a terrific value for Kinect fans. We'll have more when Microsoft and Rare are ready to divulge more details on Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection.