Game Info Team Recruitment [UPDATE]

By W1LLYMAN, 6 years ago
Update: 2 weeks ago, we posted a notice looking for new members for our Game Info team here at TA. While we've received quite a few applications already, we're definitely looking for more! You have 3 more days to get that app in!

While we are recruiting from a variety of different regions, I would like to add that the team particularly needs a gamer to help with Japanese releases. They would preferably be someone who can read and write in Japanese as well as in English.

All applications are due by Monday, June 25th. If you'd like to apply, please answer the questions below and PM them to the Game Info Manager, W1LLYMAN.

Good luck!

Original Story:
Not too long ago we saw both the Newshound and the Walkthrough teams recruit several new members to their ranks. If you’ve been itching for a spot on the TA team and you’re speling and grammer leafs sumthing too be dezired, I’ve got great news for you, we’re looking for several dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers for TA’s Game Information team!

TrueAchievements Vacancies

A quick rundown of the GI team’s responsibilities:

-Updating general game and DLC information (developer, publisher, release date, etc.)
-Adding and editing achievement flags (more info - Achievement Flags )
-Discussing and adding genres (more info - Genre Documentation )
-Updating achievement tiles and secret achievement information
-Making pre-release game pages
-Updating the Game Release Schedule
-Refilling the staff vending machines

The work we do is extremely important but can be very tedious at times. If that doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy, I wouldn’t recommend applying. wink I’d also like to emphasize that we very much function as a team, so good candidates MUST work well with others! In fact, the entire team will be combing through your applications and picking the new recruits together.

If you’d like to apply, please answer the following questions, and send them via PM to W1LLYMAN by Monday, June 25th.
1) What is your age and where are you from?
2) If picked, how much time will you be able to dedicate to the team per week?
3) Why do you want to be on the team and why should you be picked? What are your strengths and your weaknesses?
4) Please share a game info related idea that you have for the site. It can be an all new feature or an improvement to an existing feature. Be creative!
5) Tell us a little about yourself! What are your interests? What kinds of games do you enjoy?

Remember, all applications are due by June 25th! After the deadline has passed, the team will take a week or two to look through the applications. Soon after we’ll announce who drew the short straw was picked! smile

Good luck to everyone! toast