Hexodius Early Gameplay Video Released

By Graymouse 1, 6 years ago
As more information on the eccentric game Hexodius surfaces, Brain Slap Studio decided to release an early gameplay video that highlights the game modes: exploration, build, and action. You can see these game modes in the video below.

It appears that the B.O.B – Z.1.0.3 drone will have some equipment functions in which you can equip four at a time, however, they aquire energy to activate them. What equipment functions will be available during gameplay you might ask? Well, take a look at a data transmission from the developers.

- Incoming transmission -

Let me present to you some of these equipments:

Energy shield : It creates a strong energy field around the drone, it will stop all physical and plasma attacks. However it may be inefficient against special energy fields or lasers.

Holo-turret : This device summons an energy turret, it will shoot at enemies entering its attack range.

Nitro : It gives a serious boost of speed, perfect to dodge enemy attacks.

Proximity mine : Ok, it may not sound original, but this vintage equipment is very useful to set traps to mindless toasters.

Time Paradox : I have to admit that I’m pretty proud about this one, this nasty piece of equipment slows down the time around the drone during a few seconds. Thinking of it, maybe I should check if the use of this device can have some side effects
- End transmission -

Hexodius does not have a confirmed release date or price yet but stay right here on TA for future incoming transmissions from the developers at Brain Slap Studio.