Lost Planet 3 E3 Stream

By Ashley Woodcock,
The conditions in https://www.trueachievements.com/Lost-Planet-3-xbox-360.htm are going to be beyond frozen when players take on the role of the upcoming game's protagonist, Jim Peyton. Some players may potentially struggle to stay ice-cold once the game releases and could find their blood boiling. Lost Planet as a series so far packs two games that are known for their extremely difficult achievement lists. Could the third part in the series be way too extreme for players like the first Lost Planet was? Will the game be easy to get into with the aid of hints to start casual players off unlike Lost Planet 2? Can players look forward to more leaderboard-related achievements?

I'm sure the community has a whole heap of questions they'd love to ask Lost Planet 3 Producer, Andrew Szymanski, and Director, Matt Sophos. Let's dive into this 50 minute long trailer as the demo of the title is shown off whilst plenty of questions are answered by the team members behind the game.

40 Second Capcom logo to start with:

Do TA's Lost Planet fans like what they are seeing so far? What kind of questions would you have asked Andrew and Matt? Or should I just say, Andrew. Personally, I think just having a storyline based on an actual character seems different already for the upcoming title. I never really got to know anyone whilst playing Lost Planet 2! I'd also like to ask Andrew, what EXACTLY does he mean when he says "it's possible to do everything in one playthrough"? If this includes achievements too and not just the mentioned side missions to go with the main campaign, could we be looking at a measly TA Ratio for the game?

With Lost Planet 3 scheduled for a 2013 release, there's plenty of time for more trailers, screens and game details to be revealed. As always, TA is the only place you'll need to be for upcoming info on the title.

We've got the full list of Lost Planet 3 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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